At Irie Eats, we know all about Island Flava! Here are some of the questions that regularly get asked about our brand and products with our answers.

What does ‘irie’ actually mean?

The term ‘Irie’ is colloquially used across the island of Jamaica and by Jamaicans worldwide as a positive term of approval meaning “everything is fine, nice, good or pleasing”...

…So we thought what better name to use across our exciting new range of authentic Caribbean streetfood meal kits, so that you too can enjoy those pleasing Irie vibes at home with family and friends!

How many products are in your range?

There are currently 5 products in our Irie Eats Authentic Caribbean Streetfood range, including:

  • Irie Eats Spicy Jerk Wrap Kit, 460g
  • Irie Eats Crunchy Jerk Wrap Kit, 515g
  • Irie Eats Spicy Jerk Meal Kit, 390g
  • Irie Eats Caribbean Curry Meal Kit, 380g
  • Irie Eats Traditional Recipe Rice & Peas, 250g

Where can I find your products?

Head on over to our Stockists page to see where you can find our full range of Irie Eats Authentic Caribbean Streetfood products.

Are your products suitable for Vegans?

All of the ingredients used in our Irie Eats Authentic Caribbean Streetfood range are suitable for vegans.

It is then completely up to you whether you add your own chicken, meat, fish, seafood or vegetables to customise your finished meal.

Are your products free from Gluten?

The soft flour wraps included in our Irie Eats Wrap Kit products do contain gluten.

Our rice-based Irie Eats Meal Kits, together with our individual Irie Eats Microwave Rice & Peas products do not contain any ingredients which contain gluten. However, we do not carry out frequent gluten tests to claim that out sauces are ‘gluten free’.

Are your products Halal friendly?

All ingredients used in all our Irie Eats Authentic Caribbean Streetfood products are Halal friendly. However please note that our products are not certified by an authorised Halal certification organisation.

How hot are your products?

We have a wide range of products with different combinations of flavours and heat levels. We categorise our heat levels into 3 levels: Hot, Medium and Mild; to accommodate the pepper hot heads and novices alike!

Is your brand Jamaican-owned?

The Irie Eats brand is wholly owned by our parent company Grace Foods, headquartered in Kingston Jamaica, and the world’s largest supplier and distributor of Caribbean food & drink products.

We work hand-in-hand with our Jamaica team when developing all of our traditional recipes, to ensure that all of that passion and know-how from back home helps us to deliver true Island Flava to your table here in the UK!

Is your Jerk authentic Jamaican Jerk?

The key ingredients used in our Jerk seasoning-themed Irie Eats products are all sourced directly from trusted Jamaican growers, promising an authentic Jamaican Jerk flava experience for you to enjoy at home!